Чудесный отдых в отеле Andatel Grande Patong Beach Hotel на пляже Патонг

The last month I spent in real paradise, actively traveling around Thailand. We visited everything from beautiful mountains and villages in Chiang Mai and nearby, and also discovered the multifaceted nightlife of Bangkok, which never sleeps. Thailand really was able to surprise us during this trip. The last two weeks we spent on islands in the south of the country. We decided to stay at the luxurious Andatel Grande Patong Beach Hotel in Phuket .

The Andatel Grande Patong Phuket Hotel met all our expectations, and all the hotel employees are ready to help in any situation, as well as suggest exactly what to do on a given day. On the day of our arrival, we were met at the airport and taken to the hotel in a large silver minibus. We were brought directly to the hotel, and my wife and I realized that we were not mistaken in choosing a hotel. I would like to note that the lobby of the Andatel Grandé Patong Phuket Hoteldecorated in a very unusual style, and the hotel staff is ready to surround you with care from the first minute of your stay. They took all our luggage, and a girl named Pang helped entertain the children while we checked out the documents at the front desk. It took only a few minutes to receive confirmation of our reservations and transmit the necessary information. We checked into the Andatel Grande Patong Beach Hotel and climbed into our rooms in less than 10 minutes. The hotel rooms were large and very comfortable, with huge windows facing east, so the morning sun shone brightly on each of our rooms. The beds were hard, but more comfortable than the ones we had to face in other hotels. It was also very clean and smelled nice. It was pretty hot when we entered the room for the first time, but after five minutes the air conditioner was already working. The room has large closets in which a lot of space. In just a few minutes, all things were cleaned, and the children ran and jumped on the bed. At this time, my wife checked that we did not leave anything in Bangkok.

Мы решили просто расслабиться у бассейна и насладиться плаванием и вкусными напитками в течение дня. В отеле Andatel Grande Patong Beach Phuket есть собственный бассейн, расположенный в задней части отеля. Его нельзя назвать огромным или слишком маленьким. К тому же, в нем было не так много людей, поэтому дели могли спокойно играть, а мы с женой – немного поговорить о том, что мы хотели сделать в ближайшие несколько дней.

Hotel Andatel Grande Patong Phuket is located at a distance of one street away from the main pedestrian zone of the city, so we could walk there in just a few minutes. However, the hotel was very quiet at night, so the noise of the bars and the crowd did not stop us from relaxing. We spent a long, but incredibly interesting day, after which everyone slept well to begin the adventures of a new day.